[2022/09/07] no name day

Today was probably one of my busiest days of the week because I had meetings all over and assignments to catch up on. I was anxious to wrap up everything so I would be ready for LL and GB’s tea ceremony. Also very crappy weather – it was gloomy and rainy on and off all day.

Let me show you some pictures from lunch when Dr. C took KJ, MK, and I out for lunch. We talked a lot about expanding and uplifting Ascend’s reputation to increase our legitimacy and bring more benefits to our members. She also suggested resources and departments that we can collaborate with, including but not limited to ODEI and the Center for Global Leadership. I told her that we are lucky to have her as our advisor and we know that we can always lean on her.

Evening, we had our first LPH meeting after the retreat. Everyone became more chatty and cheerful than they usually did. Even K, J, and I worked with each other more comfortably now. We drafted a lanyard together – finding backgrounds and symbols was quite fun actually.

At the Refectory

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