[2022/09/04] back to reality

In the morning, we packed up, ate breakfast, had one DEI activity, took pictures, and drove back. I was so tired by the time I reached my apartment that I just wanted to lay down and take naps. However, responsibilities kept me awake – I had to unpack, do laundry, change my bedsheets, clean the floor, and return the iron to AP before I forget. Strings and strings options but the fact that KF showed up and hung out with me made life became so much easier.

In the afternoon, we went to Jade Harbor (again) to celebrate KF’s grandma’s birthday with his family. He strongly advised me against bringing any gifts to the party because 1/ nobody was doing that, 2/ I am young, and 3/ it wasn’t her actual birthday yet. When I went there, I first started off with a glass of red wine. It was unusually strong, so I couldn’t finish all of my glass. Then dishes and dishes came and people only focused on eating. Nobody was saying anything to anyone. Mostly just uncle TK comical, as he had to invent a towel hat to prevent getting wet from water drops from the restaurant’s broken A/C. He still looked like he just walked out of the shower after dinner though haha. The birthday cake was absolutely delicious – they got matcha and mango cakes from Tous Les Jour. I told KF that I wanted to have these cakes for my birthday as well.

Later that night, we went shopping in Walmart and heard fireworks. By the time we checked out and ran out of Walmart, the fireworks already stopped. But this again just proved that Americans like to have all kinds of excuses for fireworks (like this time is labor day)!

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