[2022/09/03] SpO retreat (part 2)

To start the days, we did many teambuilding activities together with third-party company. They guided us through several challenges, such as eggstronaut, number hopping, ball throwing, and rock climbing. Besides eggstronaut, I swear the rest sounded more fun than my made-up names for them For example, number hopping is a strategy game, where we had to touch numbers from 1 to 28 together as a team. However, no more than one person can be inside the circle at the same time and we will get penalties even if our finger touches the air guarded by that boundary. We had a wonderful strategy that we thought would help us win, but we only were able to do so because the other team had no plans. After they followed our strategy, they always beat us by a few seconds. Then later, we did outdoor rock climbing and I felt very proud of myself because I wasn’t afraid of the height and hopped my way down to the ground instead of climbing like everyone else did. Really proved that I should go rock climbing more and that my upper body strength isn’t too bad.

We also did ziplining after the lunch break. I had the opportunity to meet J, who made friends with me through bracelet-making. Long story short, I was lining up for ziplining, but the line was so long that I decided to take a break at the cafeteria. That was where I bumped into J and she taught me how to make friendship bracelets. I talked to her and learned that she is from a beach town in Connecticut and she loves the sky and the sunset. She believes that sunset is a reset of the day and will carry all the sadness away, if there is any that day. Then I went to try a zipline farther away because I thought I didn’t have enough time to do the harder zipline that I was initially lining up for. That lower zipline, I did 2 times just for fun, After that, I was the very last person to try the high-up one, but I was greeted by the workers with the warmest welcome.

To wrap the day up, the MTs organized a heartwarming activity for us. We all had our backs away from the center so we couldn’t see people inside the circle; then, people walked around and tapped on the shoulders of those they think fit with the statements given. For example, one of the sentences was “someone who inspired you today” and if you tap on someone’s shoulder, you are telling them that they were inspired by you then. I loved the activities and peaked every time someone “told” me that they would like to get to know me better so I don’t forget. While doing the activities, I was also keeping track of some common trends to see how people perceive me. I realized that I received the most taps for statements with words such as inspiring, brave, look up to; and I had at least 10 taps whenever “would like to get to know” appeared. Does that mean that I am a little too distant from everyone, but I my thoughts were well-delivered and they made people empathize with my ideas to strive for the better. That’s great, though I hope this doesn’t make me have fewer friends in SpO,

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