[2022/08/29] crazily hot walk

I want to complain about this route that I took from law school back to Bartley today. I was actually already mad at a student worker at CTS because of his lack of communication, leading me to walk for no reason in the heat from Law School to St Mary. Then, right after, I had to go to Bartley on foot, as the shuttle was not coming and I didn’t want to be late for my appointment with my academic advisor. If you were ever offered an opportunity to walk through that facility corner, don’t take it because it’s so empty and huge. I wasn’t too scared of all the vehicles and technology they had there, but I don’t think it was too safe, as there were many different contractors working at that place. Then I was just melting and melting because of the hot hot sun shining above at 2pm. Welp. Ig I’m doing this every Monday now since that’s the schedule that ED made for us. And you know what I thought? I seriously need to learn how to skate!`

Today I also had my first meeting ever this semester with Ascend. In the morning meeting, nobody showed up because of conflicts in emergency commitments and sleep. But everyone else showed up in the afternoon meeting (Prof. L joined us too). It went super smooth; the audience were chatty and attentive. I just wish that my e-board didn’t miss out on the BBQ Cookout at Sheehan Beach, but at least JS brought back some nice usb-c dongles for us!

In the evening, I visited my friend HO, who is now an RA in Sheehan. I could talk about her all day now; she is unique, adventurous, funny, and smart. Every story she told me was so expressive and contained at least one wow factor in it. She updated me on her relationship, her trip to Peru, and her home situation. I also saw her very interesting sleeping spot and learned that she could only sleep on hard surfaces and loves spacious “bed.” So, funny enough, he ditched her bed to sleep on the floor everywhere she went. Her sleeping situation in her current dorm is underneath the bed. It’s like her little nest, very warm and cozy.

HO’s little corner!

Then I went back and caught up with SM and LB – they are my neighbors now – same floor, right next to each other! We talked about many things, including Allentown, Hershey, running, learning community, EY, the Commons, and Kelly’s. I think the moment I generously gave LB my rain jacket made him feel very appreciated and blessed, so he thought very highly of me every time he introduces me to other people!

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