[2022/08/28] bought the boujeest grapes ever

The whole grapes, cotton candy type, were as much as 11 bucks. Well… I bought them from Whole Foods, but… Can you believe it? That’s like 3-4 times more than what you could get from GIANT or ACME! I have not tried the grapes yet, but I will get back to you when I have the chance to do so. KF told me that his grand grandpa worked in Trader’s Joe (?) and they threw out perfectly good-to-eat-but-ugly produces. And no employees were allowed to take those because that was considered stealing.

Then KJ, LL, and I had brunch together at Sabrina’s (50 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood, PA 19096). You can read about the place in an article on The Villanovan. But I thought it was so overrated. I ordered a burger, KJ had an omelet breakfast dish, and LL got egg benedict. The only thing good was the pancakes since they were crispy outside and soft inside. Next time, when I come back to the place, I will only order these pancakes. Oh and also, weird things happened here too. First, they messed up my order – I wanted tomatoes on the side and never could I ever thought that they would give me a side dish of fresh tomato and still leave tomato slices in my burger?! Then, they charged the blueberries and the strawberries separately, although the menu wrote blueberries and strawberries $1.69. Not like it was very expensive, but the wordings were very misleading and we felt like we were paying for things that we didn’t want.

In the afternoon, KF picked up YN from the airport and brought her to Bryn Mawr. He did that right after his shift at the Y and was still happy to move the stuff with YN, despite feeling so hungry! I told him to visit me and I heated up the leftovers and cooked nice sesame rice for him. Here is what he told YN. I thought it was so sweet so I’m putting the convo up here for memories!

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