[2022/08/27] KF’s 23rd birthday celebration (part 2)

We woke up without an alarm today. And if I have to be honest, that is the best feeling ever because that means you have nothing to worry about! I also gave him his presents. He did tell him that it felt like Christmas, but I’m pretty sure that it’s better than Christmas!

Then I did my laundry here for the first time ever. And guess what? All the machines were being used, 2nd and 3rd floor! Somehow when we finished breakfast and about to do laundry, it was already 3pm, so we had to get dressed quickly for KF’s parents to pick us up.

We all wandered around KOP before heading to Jade Habor (6836 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149) for KF’s birthday dinner. And I have to say that this dinner was a true feast. There were only five of us, but they ordered plenty of food – I think it was as many as 7 huge main dishes altogether. The last ones were the biggest – chicken and lobster. The lobster had noodles underneath and we all had to eat that noodle because it signifies longevity. Then KF’s brother brought out a mixed fruit birthday cake for us to sing happy birthday. And as a kind gesture, we gave the staff some of the cake too! Oh, and they told me to pack 2 huge lunch boxes full of delicious goodies for the next day.

Overall, dinner was fun and heartwarming. This restaurant might be very familiar to their family, but it is new and exciting to me and I feel lucky to know such a kind-hearted family. And happy birthday again to KF aka my favorite person on Earth!

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