[2022/08/23] hammocking out

I had work in the morning, then I hung out with KF for the entire day.

@ Work, I had a callfor assistance with the computer setup from a classroom on the third floor of Mullen Center. Though I swear I could totally troubleshoot this over the phone, I still walked over as I was curious to explore Mullen and their classrooms, which I didn’t know existed. And… guess what – the person was my freshman year’s ACS professor. We caught up for the longest time and I spent 5 seconds pressing the ON and OFF buttons on the control panel to fix the issue.

In the afternoon, the highlight was our random hammocking moment on South. We got smoothies and Sun chips from Freshen, then we picked the 2 best trees in the shade for the hammock. It felt truly like a lazy summer day with my favorite person on Earth!

Bonus this picture of KF as a poster board model!

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