[2022/08/19] so how was your summer?

I got asked this question a lot! And I’m pretty sure I will be for the next few days/weeks when I bump into people around Villanova. So, I am taking this time to reflect on it and come up with some cool answers.

First, here is a list of things that I did, in no particular order:

  • Interned in EY Hoboken, NJ, which was just right across the river from New York
  • Went to Disney World for the first time
  • Hung out in New York every weekend (and still don’t love it)
  • Came back to Vietnam for 2 weeks
  • Went to my dad’s hometown in Hue and was at the beach for 2 days straight
  • Ate so much of my mum’s delicious and uniquely Vietnamese food, including bún sườn dọc mùng, bún ngan, canh rau muống, cá thu sốt cà chua.
  • Met up with my middle school and high school friends, teachers, and mentors
  • Drove a car in Vietnamese street
  • Saw my dad’s flower balcony/tea corner, which he especially made for me as my birthday gift, but they have been using it more than me so far
  • Evacuated from the Airbnb due to bed bugs
  • Ran a 5k with my senior @ EY

Second, how do I put all these together into a concise response?

I don’t know. Maybe I have to cherrypick every time? Instead of just saying I interned in EY and went to Vietnam for 2 weeks like I usually do, I could pick some more specific ones. For instance, I went back home for 2 weeks – ate mum’s home-cooked food that I couldn’t find in the US, or walked along the Hudson river many times after my work @ EY and even ran a 5k there with my senior.

I think that would really shake up the conversation and give people more details on my summer activities. Hopefully, it will a different answer than just the regular “I worked at X and went to Y,” which most people used to respond to the question “what did you do this summer?”!

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