[2022/08/18] my brother is officially a wildcat!

Don’t think I have ever mentioned this, but my brother is a freshman at Villanova now! That means I will take care of him for mum and dad. Of course, I know he is wise and independent enough so he might only need me for the first few weeks, but I will always be here to support and encourage him in every step he takes!

Today was a ton of shopping and it wasn’t cheap. Okay maybe each thing is like a few bucks, but they do add up and you would see your wallet quickly empty out before you even know it! When I first came, I was very shocked and took a good few weeks to adjust myself to US currency. However, today when I was with my brother, I saw how normal this is since everything we bought was essential/will make our lives easier later on! Back home, we only spent a negligible amount on them since mum did it all and we take them for granted. Only now that we’re by ourselves do we realize the need for those tiny little essentials! Regardless, I hope now that my brother is on his own, he will have the mindset of savings when appropriate and spending when needed!

Also,I want to compliment my brother as he was charming, funny, curious, and out-going. He is too careful and cautious sometimes that he can take forever to get things done, which sometimes gets on people’s nerves if they have to wait on him. However, I think in the long run, it is a positive characteristic that defines the quality of the work he will deliver. Thus, I don’t think he has to work too hard on this, but just know to balance it out – learn to pick which item/task to focus on/skip over.

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