[2022/08/17] flying back to the US

I forgot to mention one important thing on 08/16 – Noibai Airport doesn’t allow non-travellers to be inside the airport from 8 PM to midnight. So if your family wants to get in, make sure they bring their passports with them.

My flights were about 20 hours on air and about 12 hours layover in total. It was terribly long and made me lose all senses of time and temperature. You know I love travelling, but I think I like the destinations more than the process of getting to them, unlike hiking…!

Japan Airlines is the best airline yet imo because of 2 things: delicious food and excellent customer service. Just look at all the food that they prepared for us on the plane!

Also, I might be a little biased because I was lucky to have premium economy seats on the leg from Japan to Chicago, which gave us access to Sakura Lounge. We were very tired and sleepy, so all we did was catching up on our sleep and enjoying the food there, with a little of scouting around the lounge.

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