[2022/08/16] see you again, ba mẹ & Hanoi

Sad day today – I had to say bye to ba mẹ and Hanoi. I have done this many times, at least 3, but I still get very emotional. Probably because each time is different and my love for my family grows bigger as I spent more time abroad.

At least this time Minh is coming with me too, so I am sure that I will have great company for the next 24 hours, and the next few months. I’m just sad for my mum and dad because they will have an empty house to come back to and their kids will be half a globe away. I cry every time I remember my dad’s words: “Feel like I am losing something important.” I know he is strong, but his eyes were still slightly red as we said goodbye to us at the airport. He didn’t like to stand too close to the barrier like mum, but he is the type that would take guesses to predict where we might be in the line.

Mum was emotional as always, but she was stronger than ever. She has a lot on her plate, and I know both my brother and I add stress to her life too. But she finds happiness when taking care of us, and pride in our satisfaction and achievements.

Bác H and anh Q were there with us too. They, also, were always on a tight schedule, but I appreciated that they spent the entire evening with us. They are the ones who truly cared and only wish the best for us. They are not just supporters, but our family’s keepers, and we are more than blessed to have them in life.

Minh and I will be flying for the next 24 hours, then we will be in Villanova. Minh will officially start college, while I get to see KF and prepare for my senior year. Time flies but family stays. Till next summer…!

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