[2022/08/15] back to my vacation house (part 2)

Another lazy day. But I am very proud of myself, as I woke up early enough to do a bike ride and a round of swimming before having breakfast. I loved the ride as there were freshly bloomed flowers and birds singing along the way. I saw quite a lot of people too, but I didn’t mind them too much – I think they were enjoying nature as much as I did too!

Then I had breakfast – a non-traditional one as I like to call it since I used the leftover fish soup for my noodle broth while everyone else went for boiling water plus ready-to-make spice packets. I found a hidden gem in the soup – the fish’s intestine/bubble, a rare commodity yesterday that everyone wanted to try a bite. It was all mine this time hahahaaa.

Later, LT, MA, Minh, and V taught me how to play billiards for the first time ever. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought. The most important things are knowing how to place our hands and finding the right angles. I made 1 went down the hole and missed 1 important shot, but it was sooo interesting to learn and practice. I’m glad I didn’t stay at home and shy away from this opportunity to learn a new game.

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