[2022/08/14] back to my vacation house (part 1)

I want to call today a relaxing day for two reasons: first is my mum’s absolutely delicious Bún Ngan and second is our vacation house.

I now lack good words to describe how good mum’s Bún Ngan was, so I will convey it with a picture. Don’t you agree that a picture can mean a thousand words anyway?

Vacation house to Dai Lai was super fun too! I loved eating at H2T and we all know dining here is not easy, because it’s a little far from home and the most convenient route is the one leading to Dai Lai. So, we could only eat here when we visit our vacation house. The vacation house was nice as always, though I don’t remember having such tiny TV in the living room. We also had an extra slipper shelf and more inedible yet beautiful fruits in the garden. The weather and the gardener must have been having a smooth collaboration! After we settled in, Mum and I went biking around the area and enjoyed a stress-free sauna time together. I sometimes think this is one of mum’s best memories because she could only do this with a daughter (me) and times like this are getting tinier and tinner as I grow up and my mum gets older. Dinner was even better with mum’s Chả cá Lã Vọng. It’s really been a long while since I last ate a sour fish soup that I loved and couldn’t have enough of. I guess my mum was simply an excellent chef, who high key deserves a Michelin star for all the food she had made for us.

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