[2022/08/09] Car and teeth

I drove a lot today, which was absolutely insane to think about because traffic in Hanoi scared tf out of me! But I really enjoy driving, probably because my mom is the chillest shotgun passenger I have ever had besides TN who gave me such a good time navigating around! I experienced traffic from when it was easiest to super jam-packed, so basically @ around noon and rush hour.

Second part, teeth. I went to the dentist today and they diagnosed me with gingivitis. I was always very proud that I have nice clean teeth, so that upset me for the rest of the appointment… but what I am to do, right? The dentist also did teeth cleaning for me, it hurt like hell though I didn’t shed a tear. I think it’s mainly because ofthe gingivitis. They say I will have to treat it with an excessive amount of brushing time, mouthwash, and areca wine. Regardless of how I feel, I must be very careful of my teeth routine if I don’t want the situation to get worse!

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