[2022/08/07] Hoiana (part 2)

Weather prediction said that it was going to rain all day today. But guess what? perfect weather – sunny and shady enough.

We enjoyed our stay in Hoiana by trying out as many of their services as possible. We were most excited for casino, but sadly they only allow foreigners in thus far. Still cool to know, because I thought casinos are legal to be operated all around Vietnam prior to that. So to make up for the experience, we headed up to the 16th floor and had some tea at EDGE, a nice bar/lounge overlooking the entire Hoiana. I was quite amazed that they have 3 huge pools along the coast with walkways that lead towards the beach. One of them has wavy slides and a water fountain as well.

The beach was also beautiful, clean, and calm. The waves were tiny and playful so I didn’t feel the need to spend my energy on jumping. Mum and I also saw schools of fish jumping up the water, just like the dolphins, except that they were black and as tiny as my two fingers. At first it was only 1 school, but later there were like 5 of them jumping at once. Love that fun scene on the beach!

Dinner was huge @ Nhà hàng hải sản biển An Bàng – Năm Giã (Biển An Bàng Lô 2, Hội An, Quảng Nam). Tôm hùm nướng phô mai (lobster with melted cheese), ngao hoa hấp sả ớt (shell steamed w lemongrass and chilly), cháo ngao (shell porridge), và cua nhiều gạch hấp (crab w/ lots of crab eggs). absolutely delicious. We were wayyy to full by the time we were done.

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