[2022/08/06] Hoiana (part 1)

I was mostly jetlagged and tired today, especially when we finally arrived @ Hoiana. Partly because I need more time to sleep, but mostly because we had trouble navigating around this hotel. I think it’s too luxurious and too new.

Let me describe how luxurious it is first. This whole area, close to 1,000 ha, is invested by SunCity Group (HK) and VinaCapital (VN). SunCity owns the biggest casino and half of the casinos in Macau. Its beach is 3km long – perfect water temperature and depth, very clean and pristine. Depending on where you stay – Hotel & Suites (H&S) or New World – the amenities provided vary from luxurious to very luxurious. For example, the gym in H&S provides shoes at the gym while the one in New World doesn’t. Or H&S has an infinity pool, while New World only has 1 pool on the ground floor. This is what a room in H&S looks like – contemporary and minimal. The view from here is also spectacular, since it’s highup and I could see all the roads and houses from there. I bet there is an ocean vie as well, but it was not ours.

Now to the second point that they are new. They have only officially operated for 1 month. Before that was purely constructuion and guest stays by invitation due to Covid. So they still lack personal services. In other words, the staffs are nice and friendly, but they were unable to provide guidance in detail and were still unfamiliar with how things operate here. So sometimes I felt lost and awkward walking around, but I have been learning my way through and I am now more comfortable navigating within and across buildings. Hopefully when they have more guests and operate for longer, they could work on their services better.

I also want to divert myself from this luxurious stay and list out 2 delicious places that we dine in today and yesterday and I will write them in Vietnamese:

  • Gái Đẳng (Trương Tiểu học thị trấn Phú Lộc, Phú Lộc, Thừa Thiên Huế). Quán mới mở lại sau khi cải tạo khu vực ăn uống. Phong cách ăn cơm gia đình. Nấu và nêm nếm vừa miệng. T ăn mực hấp, canh chua tôm, cá diếc kho, trứng rán, thịt luộc tôm chua hết tổng cộng 700 nghìn cho 5 người
  • Phù Sa (4486+MM6, Ngô Xuân Thu, Hoà Hiệp Bắc, Liên Chiểu, Đà Nẵng). Quán ăn của gia đình bạn của Minh mới quen hồi vào Đà Nẵng chơi. Món nào cũng rất ngon và tươi. T nghiện món chíp chíp hay ngao hay còn gọi là ngao hoa, nên rất thích chíp chíp hấp sả ớt và cháo chíp chíp. Ngoài ra thì quán nổi tiếng với món gỏi cá trích, ăn không hề tanh và vị rất thanh. T hay gọi là sashimi Việt Nam! Cả bữa này cũng rẻ, bằng với bữa trên kia!

Some other pictures we took @ Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa Hue, which was our stay before Hoiana!

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