[2022/08/03 & 04] flights back to Vietnam

LT and I woke up early at 7 today to make sure that we would be ready by 8 and will be at JFK before 10. We made it, though there were a few hiccups. To name a few – LT’s mum called her right before she was about to call the Uber, I had to search for combination locks because the new Samsonite luggage doesn’t have its own lock, and we almost got on the wrong Uber.

LT also got business class while I just got economy, so we didn’t hangout a lot. I mostly explored the airport and the shops by myself, while she was chilling in the lounge. When we did hangout, it was very fun and effective though – we bought lots of Japanese sweets and snacks (and toys).

I also want to take this opportunity to compliment Japan Airline. This is my first time with them, but I have good impressions and I want to comeback in the future.The reasons are delicious food and friendly staff. Every meal was 3-course style, but they served appetizers with entree; desert was always the tiny Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

My second flight was so much better than my first. Not only because it’s 4 hours shorter, but also because I have the entire row of seat to myself. I slept so well that the flight attendant had to wake me up so I didn’t miss dinner. On those flights, I watched several movies. One of them was Dune, which won 6 Oscars recently and was excessively praised for its visuals. I think the screen on the plane was too tiny to impress me and too complicated as well. They were basically trying to build an entire world within 2 hours and a goldfish like me needs a lot more time than that to fully understand everything.

After 17 hours on air and 5 hours layover, I finally landed and reunited with my family.

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