[2022/08/02] how to receive kindness

KF and his dad drove me from PA to New York and helped me move my stuff, which was stored @ LT’s house, back to HT and DN’s house in Bryn Mawr. To thank them, I invited them out for lunch @ 99 Favor Taste (285 Grand St, New York, NY 10002, United States). Long wait time aside, lunch was delicious and filling. We were all very happy and chatty as we ate. I also told KF’s dad several story bits. In exchange, he told me some of his own. Surprisingly, he used to have a sausage dog in college before a Pitbull. There was a tragic story with the sausage dog, causing him to lose it; still, it was my absolute pleasure to know about this, since KF didn’t even recall knowing about the dog story haha.

After they got home, I asked if I could pay for the tolls. KF’s dad initially refused, but I texted that I would be very shy to ask him for favors next time if he keeps saying no to me. So, he agreed to receive my payment for the tolls.

I was feeling very great about it, until I messaged my mum and she gave me great advice that I want to take note of. She said I don’t have to make it black and white every single time, because I might accidentally create more distance this way. Plus, she would not let me pay if she were him, because she believed in helping people, and she understood that KF’s dad thinks the same way too. It’s good that I was transparent and active in recognizing his effort, but I should also practice gratitude and happily receive help from people who truly care about me. Later, I can always pay it forward and give love to more people in need. So I learn how to receive kindness today after many years of being taught how to be kind.

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