[2022/08/01] my phone magically worked again

How? You may ask.

In the morning, I turned my phone on and the screen showed the classic low battery icon. I was so excited and nervous because my last memory was the annoying glitchy screen. Then, I charged it. And…it worked just fine! Except for the black dot on the right corner. This was a huge relief because I can worry about getting a new phone later, especially when financing options are very expensive and they require an extra application, which I am so not ready for!

Later today’s morning, we went shopping again, this time in Delaware, so I could get some extra supplements for mom and visit Apple Store. We had a blast at every place we went to. I especially enjoyed Cabelo’s, since they had huge stuffed animals being displayed in their store, on top of a small waterfall and a giant fish tank. I also got 5 pairs of earrings for $10 from Lovisa to represent Delaware. And KF got to try the mattresses from Purple, which had a waffle design, allowing air to flow through the surface to keep our body cool.

The rest of the evening was even more window shopping. To be more precise, we did mall hopping and raced with the time to hit as many places as we could. If the store close at 8, we would get there at 7.30; close at 9, get there at 8.30… We had a great time together – lots of music and random conversations. Maybe a bit too much that we ended up having dinner at 10 PM and were very exhausted by the end of the day.  

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