[2022/07/31] sweetest deals

KF and I did a lot of shopping today. All around KOP area. We also didn’t plan out the routes, so we wasted a lot of time driving around and coming to the same mall for different purposes. But we had a lot of fun. I think hangout with KF made me feel more comfortable with little planning and more freestyle. I did feel quite irritating at first, but you know, as long as we have fun on the way, go with the flow, and keep a good attitude.

We went to Ross and I hunted a Samsonite 28-inch luggage for less than 100 bucks. Then, I went to kid’s section and found a Stan Smith that fit me. The best thing was they are from the Piggy and Kermit’s special collection and they were only around 40 bucks. KF, I also have to argue with you that this is men’s shoes size 5, not actual kids’ shoes. I don’t care if Ross starts men’s shoes at size 7; size 5 does exist in the men’s section, Adidasly speaking…!

Lunch was also a good experience, at least for me. We went to the Japanese place near Villanova. This place used to have another Japanese restaurant that only allowed takeout, but they seemed to be out of business and are being taken over by another owner. I had char siu rice + marinated egg. Best of its kind. I saved it for the next day and it still tasted delicious! We also talked to the waitress who shared with us that the previous owner actually sold to them the whole business, not just the space. This meant that they inherited all their kitchen equipment and the restaurant layout. I thought that was cool and made much more sense now why it’s another Japanese restaurant and not some other cuisine.

Night time was the worst because KF and I fought again. This time I was the one who started. I don’t want to go deeper into this because we get past this the next day after a very emotional conversation and we promise to not surface bad old stories again. If there is anything I need to remember from this, was that he said he wasn’t angry because he wanted to give me a safe space to think it through; he knew that I was smart and quick to find out the issues, so it wasn’t necessary to make me feel even more uncomfortable, regardless of my selfish and dramatic reaction. Also, KF didn’t shed a single tear as we were solving the problem, while I was balling, but when I said I love you to him, he cried immediately. It was one of the moments that I knew he is a keeper and that we can work on challenges together, no matter how hard they are.

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