[2022/07/30] beach day at AC

I am writing about today on August 3, so if I miss any details, I probably can’t remember unless you tell me…

LL ad GB came to Villanova today to visit the church and took KF and me to the beach.

It was awesome to see them again and I’m even more glad that KF got along very well with both of them, especially GB. A highlight that supports this statement was when GB visited Idea Lab and he wanted a picture of him eating ice cream and sitting in the F1 race car. KF sponsored him not just with that ice cream, but also with the sound of the race car blowing into a can of Coke. Moto moto iykyk.

Today also marked my first time ever in a casino. We had a VIP experience thanks to GB, as he redeemed enough points to be a member of the casino. He got valet parking and free drinks from the membership. Actually, free drinks were the main reasons we visited the casino on our way to the beach, but it turned out to be even more fun than just that!

Before getting inside the casino, GB funded each of us 20 dollars to experience the slot machines. I learned how to operate them thanks to LL. Then, I tried a random one by myself. Guess what… I profited 2 times the amount GB gave me – 40 dollars – just by pressing 1 single button. I watched the golds on the screen spilling out like fireworks and racking up the money numbers in fascination. Not until when the animation stopped did I remember to take a photo of this moment. Then I just cashed out and told the gang about my beginner’s luck. That was really run though!

Beach time in Atlantic City (AC) was also prime– we came in late enough to still enjoy the sun and not having to pay the beach fee ($10 per person). KF and I both enjoyed wave-jumping, while LL and GB brought us a cooler full of beers from Vermont. Enjoy the goofy beach pics below!

Last but not least, the sushi dinner. We drove all the way from Atlantic City (AC) to Delaware. Wait.. let me pause and explain AC. I got that abbreviation because of KF’s dad. He asked me how AC and I were and I was confused for a sec before realizing what the letters shorted for the area. So I just want to throw it out there for memory. Anyway, Delaware because KF’s uncle T is the head chef of .. restaurant, which had crazily delicious and fresh sushi! He told us that the restaurant imported a truck of fish every day. His uncle prepared for us a huge portion of sushi and sashimi, on top of bang bang shrimp and baby octopus salad. The best thing – he made unique eel sushi for me because he knew I didn’t eat raw fish. LL and GB were super impressed. Best sushi they had ever had, they told us!

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