[2022/07/29] one of those days

Long story short, my flight was delayed leading me to miss my connecting flight, I broke my phone screen, and I lost my SIM card.

The story of my phone was tragic yet funny, so I will tell you. KF and I were in KOP so I could shop for a bathing suit for beach day tomorrow. KF was patient – he waited and followed me through many shops, but by the time we got to the 5th one, H&M, he said that we were out of time and he needed to do something. His something was getting 10 lottery tickets and picking up a used keyboard. Because of these very important tasks at hand, we decided to split ways to get work done faster.

 About 15 minutes later, I dropped my phone on the floor. When I picked it up, the screen was glitching green all over. Things happened so fast – all within a few seconds. To give you a better understanding of the screen situation, since I was too traumatized to take any photos, just Imagine having a green slime getting into your phone screen and it constantly disappearing/appearing. I went straight into panic mode and was desperate to look for help.

Luckily, outside H&M was a phone-fixing store. The store owner offered me an iPhone charger as I asked for one. Of course, the charger didn’t help; still, it was a good story opener so I could explain my misery. He said that my screen was for sure gone and I could pay him 100 dollars to get it fixed… Man, no way I’m paying a random guy 100 bucks to cut open my baby phone. Later on, I researched that it is not safe to get the iPhone X screen replaced anywhere because the screen had special functions, like Face ID, so any error could cause lags and dysfunctions.

So… I said no politely, but asked if I could put my SIM card in one of his phones to call KF after trying to connect with KF through messenger. I had to go my way round because I didn’t remember his number; frankly, though, I really didn’t memorize anyone’s number in the US, which I should in case of an emergency like this. Anyway, he let me do so and I called KF for rescue. While waiting for KF, I got a fro-yo to calm myself down.

Welp, my phone is still glitching now, so fingers crossed I have enough money to get a new one. In the meantime, I’m actually using KF’s old phone – a Huawei – and I have 0 incentive to be on that phone for more than 15 minutes.  

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