[2022/07/21] crazy laundry day

I am writing this post from the future, July 26 and I have to admit that I completely missed out this day. Still, here I am finishing it up and feel glad for not skipping it.

I went to work as usual, only to realize two things: one – it’s my last day in 1MW office; two – KF is coming today to visit me. I had a lot of virtual chats to understand more about EY’s DnA practice, followed by an event with EY’s Women Professional Network. I feel like I knew a lot more about DnA after that and was much more sure about my decision. I also met B, another Villanova intern, whom I chatted a lot about tech consulting. First time we had ever met, but I I was very open to her, as we shared similar concerns and excitement about the practice.

Then I saw KF afterwards! He was waiting for me outside of the 1MW building with his teal suitcase. We both took the bus to get back to our Airbnb to do laundry and wind down for the night. I took this picture of him helping me out with laundry.

I am always shy if people other than my mum touch my clothes, so that was weird, but KF didn’t mind too much. He helped me roll my clothes, stuffed them into the washing machine, and waited for them to be done with me. He taught me to be more open to receiving help and I’m simply just thankful to be with him.

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