[2022/07/22] bye bed bugs, hello nyc

I have been delaying documenting my days for 5 days and I’m making up for this on my flight from nyc to Orlando. Exciting things coming.

So yes, I moved out of my Airbnb into OYO Hotel in Time Square, NY. My master plan is to store everything unnecessary for my short-term survival at LT’s house, stay in the hotel until my flight to Orlando on Tuesday next week, fly back to Philly, stay in AP’s apartment for a couple of days with KF while greeting LL and GB, car to LT’s house in ny, then fly back to Vietnam. All done in the span of 2 weeks.

On top of being my fareway day to the bugs, today was also my last day of actual work @ EY as an intern. I made my final decision to request a practice change from Oracle to DnA. I also sent a postcard to MO and SR, who are my best friends/coworkers in the office. Hopefully I will see them again as I return to the Hoboken office. Still not made my final decision yet, but I feel strongly about this place because Philly seem too small and the only factor that’s holding me back is seeing KF. But I’m sure I can arrange that, too, given EY’s policy on flexible working locations within the US.

In the afternoon, UT asked if I wanted to eat out, since it was restaurant week. Of course, I said yes. We ended up picking Han Bat (53 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001), which was not on the list though, mainly because dinner sets at those restaurants are as expensive as $60 and there were always items that we didn’t like. KF and I showed up 30 minutes late, but the food was so good that we inhaled it within 20 minutes. I especially like the fish, the rice bowl, and the seaweed dish on the side (no pictures – too hungry).

We also tried salty ice cream – creal milk soft serve with crunchy topping – from Milk Bar (1196 Broadway, New York, NY 10001), which was absolutely bomb and have generous toppings. I could have one right now, right here – no more questions asked.

All food aside, today I feel thankful for a couple of things/people:

  • KF and his patience. He was very frustrated that I had way too much stuff with me and I couldn’t use them up during my time in Airbnb. Also my tardiness with moving stuff, which I ended up having to pay 20 dollars extra for. Clear communication was much needed from his side, but I admit that I need to to work a little harder on my own part.
  • UT because she is the most honest nyc tourguide. She gave me straight up yes/no answer for good/bad eats and activity suggestions (esp. broadway show). She also waited 30 minutes for KF and I to arrive in Han Bat.
  • Airbnb. they arranged things quickly and efficiently for me so I’m not homeless
  • LT. She helped me store all my crazy stuff @ her house. I want to get her dinner to thank her. Taking down this mental note to myself!

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