[2022/07/20] Bedbugs are real in my Airbnb

That’s why I will have to move out by Monday. The host needed to investigate this Airbnb. I bet their are more complaints after mine and he was just nervous. I mean I was even more shocked because I’m almost done with this house and my internship. Moving equals to finish packing in no time. Plus, what about my plan to thrift shopping and explore the restaurants nearby?

Reality is I still need to evacuate, so I called Airbnb. They got back to me super quick and I am very happy with their solution.

1/ Money back for the remaining days of my staff

2/ 3 days to stay for free in another place or hotel

3/ I 20% off for my next booking after the hotel stay

4/ Reimbursement for laundry

The experience is going to be overwhelming, but I am glad that things worked out just fine. Also, I shouldn’t be clouding the very cool intern social that Villanova organized in SPIN 23 (48 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010). I was hanging out with RB, LT and ED, PT the whole time. Bumping into RB was complete random – we met right by the entrance and we got drinks together. Cool thing was he guessed my hobby, running, correct right at the first time.

Also, after I got the news, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood instead of packing – I went to the park with pretty view and visited the gym. Nice chill walk, i think I will miss this neighborhood so much!

Also, KF is coming tomorrow (technically today). i’m excited for us to meet again. Already miss him a lottttttt

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