[2022/07/19] wild game meat discovery

@ Work, I had a fancy Villnova lunch today @ Zuo Zuo’s (385 9th Ave Suite 85, New York, NY 10001). To briefly describe how upscale it is – I would say that I cannot read 80% of the stuff showing on the menu. Like I can probably announce them, but I wouldn’t know what they mean. Food was decent, but weird. For example, their cheesecake has an interesting crunchy texture and cream stuck in the middle of crunchy pancake-like layers. Or their appetizer is a family-style dipping dish, which has vegetable and bread with 4 types of sauces, my fav one was sour creamy cream with apricot, the rest was basically too “Indian-like” for me to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I am just never a fan of strong aroma coming from Indian food and I notice that many food culture like Mediterean and Mexican, have similar ingredients and they give off a similar vibe.

In the afternoon, NA and I had a super quick discussion with JJ and XT to prepare for the presentation for Wednesday. I think we’re in good shape, we just need to brush up on our presentation and make it more casual and conversational. Exciting and nervous for tomorrow’s presentation!!

When I got back, I bumped into AA, who just moved into the Airbnb for a week. He is an intern, working for a boutique VC firm in Manhattan and he was always on the same bus as I am (I just never said hi until today). Turn out, he was about to move out the next day, so I offered that we grab dinner and chat about intern life and problems with this Airbnb. AA told me he was forced to move out due to bed bugs at first, but after investigation, no bed bugs were found, but the host still forced him out because he doesn’t like AA. He refused to have dinner at the time, so I offered to buy him a tea cup, while I got the best protein blend ever from Griot Cafe (398 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307)! After chatting for an hour, I got exhausted of conversing and wanted to go back without grabbing any dinner despite feeling very hungry.

Still, we stopped by a food place on the way so he could grab a burger – Dark Side of the Moo (52 Bowers St, Jersey City, NJ 07307). The place wasn’t just an ordinary fast casual restaurant – they have wild game meats. I’m talking about crocodile sausage, kangaroo meat, elk, and bison. They are obviously proud for their organic meat, but it’s not even my concern because I will never eat this stuff. Not even non-game meat that is grilled on the same stove. Very wild discovery – that’s all I can say!

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