[2022/07/18] DnA switch moment of enlightment

Writing this day from the future – July 2021. Memory fades, but we shall try.

Sooooooo I must go to the office because I left my bag here. I brought my lunch for the first time ever in 1MW. Wasn’t a pleasant experience because there was no space to eat at all. I am still not a fan of 1MW. I am holding onto the belief that Hoboken office is underrated and New York office is overrated.

I also had a ton of networking sessions and they were life changing, because they led me to a decision that I will transfer out of the Oracle to move to DnA practice. I chatted @ the cafe on the 17th floor with JL, a staff who just moved to DET, and he connected me with his friend who is in DnA after transitioning out of DnA. Then I went to a virtual escape room/networking event in the afternoon, which encouraged me even further to move to DnA. I thought about moving to DnA my entire way back. Maybe it’s better to make the move now, rather than later.

Going back home from NY was also very hectic. Yes – bus 119 came frequently, but I still feel like it’s too exhausting to do everyday. I still went to the gym and got my workout done. Spoiler alert, this was my last time ever working out at this gym this summer and I didn’t know that. I regret taking the day a bit too lightly.

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