[2022/07/17] OM’s birthday in nyc (part 3)

I’m writing this day on July 21, so the memory is faded, but I will try to stay as true as I could!

It’s her official birthday today! We wanted to keep it light, so we started off with Brunch @ David’s Cafe (110 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009). Funny enough, I supposed to come there super early, but I decided to walk and accidentally walked wayyyy too far that I got lost and had to take a bus back. The food was decent, very Villanova style iykyk.

Then Grand Central terminal. Very pretty to look at, but pictures came out just very average quality. Then we walked around a little bit more, dipped here and there, before saying bye to OM at the Megabus Station.

After OM left, I took BK to my office in 1MW so I can get my bag and show her around. But my locker was locked, so I only got to be a tour guide. Also, a milestone for BK as she had NY food truck – I reached that yesterday already, when I got that street meat (hot dog and chicken) in Midtown. Both BK and OM were very impressed of my negotiation skill haha. Long story short, I negotiated the chicken stick from 10 down to 6. And a sunglasses from 10 to 6 as well!

As I came back, I got the most delicious dinner in the neighborhood @ Kikiriki (301 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307). Their Ribs + Chicken fried rice is to die for, their sauce was absolutely top notch. Cheap too, the whole box, which I could have for 2 meals was only about 12 dollars. I love it, I love it. True hidden gem in the Heights ( I mean The Heights itself is already a hidden gem – let’s put it that way!)

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