[2022/07/16] OM’s birthday in nyc (part 2)

Look, that’s how much I walked today.

Here are today’s highlights:

  • Ess-a-bagel (831 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022) was very worth the wait! I had egg+bacon+scallion cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel
  • Central Park and MoMA are overrated
  • Maybe I will give Central Park a second shot, but MoMA is a straight-up NO
  • Street meat in New York is not bad but they can up-charge you like crazy
  • Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery (1240 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020) was legendarily delicious
  • Moulin Rouge the musical show was amazing!! All the dances were gloriously and generously supported with lights and appropriate effects. Everything blended well together and flowed naturally. I absolutely loved the show!

I think OM had a really great time today. She enjoyed arts, so MoMA and Broadway must be wonderful gifts that suit her taste. She spoke softly as usual, but I could tell that she was more talkative and commenting on very random things too!

When I got home, I checked up on KF as he texted that “today was very dull.” I was worried and confused because I was still somewhat angry from yesterday’s conversation and he took forever to reply to my messages. Turn out, he wasn’t feeling too well. I think he needed some rest (and maybe someone to talk to). I feel bad after – I do care a lot; it’s just hard to express because of all the distance and virtual barriers. Hopefully we will be able to mend this as we get closer to the day we meet in person again.

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