[2022/07/05] OM’s birhday in nyc

Today is a friday!!!!

@ work, we were asked to do a case study. Initially, our managers wanted us to break down the slides, but after we did so, we were told to use the original ones. I was a quite upset, until I remember this phrase that’s used to describe the situation when you are too hung up on the idea to let it go, no matter how wrong it is. So I don’t mind the change anymore, I just rolled with it.

Then I took the bus to NY to greet OM. She arrived an hour late, but it turn out to be perfect timing because it gave me enough time to get ready and wrap up my work. We went around The Vessel, got pineapple and coconut smoothies, and bused to San Marzano, where we met BK and A. Dinner at San Marzano was a lot better, as I ordered their ravioli with chicken. The waiter was very nice to us – he felt extremely apologetic when BK couldn’t have the cheese in her pesto, as she was allergic to lactose. He then compensated her with a salad and excluded her pesto from the bill. I personally tipped him 20% for his excellent customer service – he earned it and deserved it imo!

After these, I got home super late, at around midnight, and wanted to talk to KF, knowing that he must be hanging out with his internet friend. Luckily, he didn’t mind waiting for me the whole time so we could talk. Ngl, that is one of many things that I appreciate and respect about him – very kind and patient.

Unfortunately, the talk didn’t turn out well and we had a classic fight – I was a planner and he was not. Long story short, after making a list of stuff he wanted to do when he visits ny, the next step is to arrange/group them so we can most efficiently check them off the list. Yet, he refused to do that and insisted on waking up and just “picking” things. I was completely speechless and discouraged at the time, also didn’t want to argue back because I’m sure we will never see eye to eye in this matter.

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