[2022/07/14] my office is in Antarctica

It was extremely cold in the office today. If people ask me to check in, I would literally just put Antarctica as my location. I was shaking by the end of the day. At least they have free tea, which helped a ton. Also, today is the only day that I go to work without a blazer because the last few times I never actually had to use it at all. Today proved me wrong.

Then I looked up “why corporates are so cold,” I got an interesting answer from Vox – “Its AC system is designed entirely for men”. Shocking! As I read the article, I learned that they used a formula called “Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD)” to set the temperature. One of the factors, human metabolism, however, is based on the average data of a 155-pound man, and it happens to be the more important factor in the formula. So, long story short, the central AC system is unfair, or should I say sexist?

I was about to stop writing but then 1 more question pops up: “Why do some people (like me) bruise so easily?” So I went on Google again. This is the first answer: “As people get older, the skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layers that help cushion blood vessels from injury.” I refuse to believe this because I’m only 21 years old. I might not have a ton of fat but I don’t think I’m old enough for this theory. The next answer, is it runs in the family – maybe – my mom bruises easily too. The other answers are more depressing and it shows that I lack nutrients so I will stop reading. I will believe that I bruise easily because of my mom.

OO also check this out. I think my cousin TL did a fantastic job. The after-edit picture looks a little mysterious but I don’t think people care that much since it’s in the background.

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