[2022/07/09] the morning run

I went on a run with my coworker MO this morning. We met up super bright and early at like 7 and ran 5k. We did promise to keep it at a conversational pace, but I think I ran at a faster pace than I usually do. MO said we were running too fast, but I’m sure he was just being nice to me. When it comes to the real 5k, he will beat my ass off easily. Then we did this 5k again – this time walking – to get acai bowls and cool down. We enjoyed the bowls with a view of the Hudson river. It was a fun run on a Sunday morning, really made me feel less guilty about my unproductive day yesterday.

Oh also, one thing I wasn’t sure how to say but I will say it anyway, that I don’t like it when people spit when they run. I read online and know that mucus building up in your throat is a natural reaction when you exercise, regardless of the intensity. But still… it’s an ugly habit to just spit anywhere.

As I got back, I took a fat nap. Then, I did some research on investments and personal finances. I felt truly broke and restricted because as a non-resident alien, I can only invest in certain things through certain platforms. Absolutely ridiculous! Then I also read a bit more about buying cars and downloaded some books. Wow, that’s a lot of reading – very unusual…

Worse, for the night, I decided to commit to The Wolf of Wall Street – a 3-hour-long movie. I enjoyed the script and kept wondering how realistic the movie is. But no matter what, I think I made a good choice not to participate in the IB life.

did not stop my watch when we stopped by the overlook to check out the nice view. but still had pretty ok stats at the end?

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