[2022/07/08] gudetama egg day

basically means a lazy day today.

Still, somehow my list of activities is lengthy. You’ll see below:

  • One, I see now why my EY counselor loves Marcus Lemonis. What can I say? The Profit got me hooked for 3 hours straight. The show really emphasizes that happy marriage between people, process, and product can lead to a successful business. And Marcus had a brilliant strategic mind, as if he was born to be a business consultant. Not that I see myself switching to business consulting, but tech consulting has a similar philosophy – no matter how many systems I implement, I still ultimately contribute to the profit-making/cost-saving process.
  • Two, I ditched my plan to visit Liberty State Park because the weather was very crappy – it was raining on and off for the entire afternoon!
  • Three, I also ditched another plan to have dinner with KB. Partly because it’s in New York, partly because it’s expensive, but mostly because I only felt like staying @ home.
  • Four, I got taro bubble tea from Unica Cafe. It was bland, but I realized that I prefer bland drinks to super-sweet drinks.

Friends/love update: HT is sick (fever and headache), KF bought fancy keyboard switches today to help his friends with a project as he has the pcbs, KB still has farmer’s tan, and us strong women in Ascend finished preparing for summer eboard meeting on Sunday.

Last but not least, I had a huge moment of truth today. I might have some issues with my hobbies because all of them eat up money; in other words, they don’t generate money. That means, if I don’t work at all and just spend time on my hobbies, I basically just burn cash. So… I need to either have money work for me or have a hobby that actually creates monetary value. I’m gonna sleep on this tonight.

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