[2022/07/07] random day

truly random day because I have no highlights, I just have a bunch of moments. Here I go

  • Morning, 7AM – woke up to the noises created by the cleaning lady. She was washing the dishes, talking on the phone, playing music, and opening the back door…
  • Actually I don’t think I slept that well anyway – my mind was very busy
  • Then I rmb something awesome I did yesterday. I locked myself out of my Airbnb room. Then, I used a cc trick to break into my own room – all within 2 minutes. Very proud of myself.
  • I got a ticket for Come From Away the Broadway show but decided to ditch it because I want to save it for when Olivia comes to visit
  • BOGO = Buy One Get One
  • Rmb the Torta Truck that I missed yesterday? – they are opening a restaurant located just a few steps away from my house. I mean… what are the chances?????
  • I was in a line in Walgreen, and this old man told a staff: “My wife got cancer, it’s been 6 months.” I was just stuck in the middle and did not know how to react to that… Worse, he said that he thought his wife had less time. I still stood there and looked at the floor
  • So Americans have to learn the Pledge of Allegiance when they were younger? I don’t think we have that in Vietnam. The closest thing that I could think of is 5 điều Bác Hồ dạy.
  • I ran pace 1 mile straight @ pace 9 today on the treadmill and did not feel that tired – good measurement on my training progress!
  • I finally moved from Apple Music to Spotify! I still have that habit of clicking on Apple Music all the time. Kinda miss how the platform went through thicks and thins with me, but it’s time to move on!

my dinner. i call it guilty pleasure because this is my 2nd time eating instant noodle this year.

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