[2022/07/06] shopping therapy

Today was an extremely stressful day. Why?

Because I have 0 solid plan and I was waiting on an important decision from KF. It was a horrible wait, though, because I messed up – very badly.

So instead of pacing around my tiny Airbnb all day, I was determined to do some shopping therapy, thrift shopping to be more specific. I nailed down 2 very reasonably-priced and convenient places – MyUnique Thrift and Gonzalez Thrift. Spoiler alert I could only go to one of them because I went over budget and was broke (mentally and financially speaking).

When I arrived at the town, I was so hungry so I needed something to munch on first. I was very excited to find Torla Truck, which is a tiny truck that stations on the edge of Union City and is famous for its Birria tacos. But expectation and reality didn’t go hand-in-hand – the place was closed by the time I arrived. Later on, I found out that they are only open from 5 to 9 AM. Meaning, that if you skip breakfast, you skip the truck, period. To make up for this unfortunate encounter, I went for Taco Bell instead – first time there, never again.

MyUniqueThrift was amazing. It’s like a supermarket, which has all sorts of stuff you could imagine and it’s in the basement of a medical facility. I promised myself that I would only spend 50 dollars no more, but I found way too many hidden gems that I couldn’t resist… Like Maryland Special Olympics sweatshirt – $15, Villanova track jacket – $15, Madewell white jeans (must buy because my body shape is difficult to find pants that fit 100%), or a brand-named scuba jacket – $13. That’s why I told myself – thrift first, cry later.

No matter how much therapy I did, at the end of the day, I still had to face my real anxiety. It felt like a rollercoaster ride – sometimes it was funny because it has that interview vibe or amusing details, other times it was just depressing and emotional. But luckily, it all condensed to a positive decision at the end. We pinky promised and stamp on this 1 single strike that I have left and that we both have to be very honest and straightforward with each other. I felt relieved but at the same time stressed and nervous about the future. A lot of what-ifs and how, but hopefully I will find my own peace and settle myself in a relationship that I want to treasure.

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