[2022/07/05] Oresol day

I didn’t feel too well waking up today. I think it was from the waves yesterday and the food wasn’t the most ideal. I ended up taking tons of vitamin c and oresol on top of flu med. I think I’m better now, physically speaking.

I rough cut a podcast episode throughout the day and felt really good about it. We have a brilliant host – she made the conversation flow naturally; and the guest speaker, chú T, knew how to convey his thoughts in a concise and intriguing way. I didn’t get bored listening to the 1-hour conversation, but I still cut down some parts that are deductible from the conversation and add less value than the other ones.

Mentally, I’m not entirely sure, but I did everything I could already. I don’t regret any of these decisions that I make. I just think that the right person needs to hear the truest form of truth from me because that is how I show my respect to them and for our relationship.

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