[2022/07/04] Fourth of July in NYC

HT, DN, and I headed to Coney Island for beach day today! It was hot out – the sun shone brightly as if it didn’t mind the wind. It was just perfect weather to be by the sea, especially when the water was icy cold. Coney Island, I have to say though, is not the prettiest – the sand was dark and there were 0 trees to provide shades. But all in all, it was just enough for an instant getaway, which was exactly what I wanted today.

After the beach, we went to Hook & Reel (1217 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224) to eat some good food. Remember when we had cajun in Cleveland, OH? Yeh – we kept comparing this place to that place. Their seafood is a bit bigger and fresher, but the sauce wasn’t nearly as good and the service was terrible. I will still give this place another shot next time because I wanted to try other sauce than garlic butter and it’s a huge chain.

Then we checked out the Brooklyn Bridge before heading to Transmitter Park (Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222) to watch fireworks and celebrate the 4th of July. We thought the whole commuting part would take like 2 hours max, but the street was so jammed that we took much longer than we initially planned.

Also, I have to clarify that we didn’t actually visit the Brooklyn bridge – we saw Manhattan Bridge. Still not sure what was wrong with our navigation. However, I’m glad we went there because were able to walk around Dumbo and Brooklyn, which are beautiful residential areas – very worth living given their lower living standard and green areas.

Transmitter Park was tiny, yet extremely crowded, probably because it’s the best spot to watch fireworks from Brooklyn side. I initially hesitated to be in the crowd, but it was so worth it in the end. We saw a spectacular 30-min firework show. Best fireworks show I’ve ever seen in my life so far.

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