[2022/07/01] the first Friday of EY’s summer break

I am writing about this day on July 5, so my memory about the day is pretty much faded now; still, I will try my best to get this day right. Here are my highlights of the day:

  • @ work, I finished the first draft of my case study. N and I worked on it for the entire afternoon. By the time we were done, everybody already logged off for the break
  • My counselor recommended me a show by Marcus Lemonis on Hulu. She is his absolute big fan. I want to see this show during my break. It’s just that I have to migrate from Apple Music to Spotify first, then I will have a Hulu subscription to watch this show (and many other shows that I have been meaning to watch)
  • After work, I was off to NYC to meet MP and LT for dinner and will crash at LT’s house for 2 nights.
  • We had a delicious quick dinner @ Antoya (37 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001) . That place has 1 Michelin star and their meats were simply heaven – perfect seasoning and perfectly cooked. I would eat here again and again (when money is not an issue).
  • I still don’t like cold noodles – but they aren’t too bad when combined with bbq stuff
  • Minion: The rise of Gru – was sooooo cute. Just imagine seeing puppy eyes for like 1.5 hours straight. Besides Gru’s regular sidekicks – Kevin, Stuart, and Bob – they introduced Otto, nhiệt tình + ngu dốt = phá hoại. I liked that he was actually the catalyst for tons of things happening in the movie.
  • Mom’s Kitchen and Bar (701 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019) was also a cute vibe. My drink has cotton candy, while MP’s has a little flamingo float as a coaster.
  • LT likes sweet stuff – very similar taste to mine. She got a pina colada though she totally could have chosen something else more creative haha

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