[2022/06/29] appreciating proper health insurance

highlight @ work today: I met the managing director of my engagement, JJ. I actually took the 7.30am bus to get to 1MW for this chat. I still can’t believe that I opened the conversation complaining that it was super early for me; because, for JJ, it was no big deal – he woke up even earlier and stayed up even later. He has also been in the industry for almost 33 years and is still loving it. Anyway, the conversation went well I think – he did most of the talking and I either confirm his thoughts with my experience or add a few tiny questions. I aspire to be like him – an expert in his industry and be a resource for everyone. Also, a very calm leader who is selfless and leads by example. I will always remember this phase he said: “I will never assign things to people that I don’t want to do.” My follow-up question is how do you take care of that task then? Do you work together with them? (i didn’t think of this until after the convo, so… maybe next time?)

I hit the gym after work and met M. We did abs workout together. He showed me this exercise called “Farmer’s carry”; basically you just hold the weight and start marching. The exercise looked absolutely stupid and I thought he invented it, but it’s actually a real deal…

Also, I think my bed has bed bugs… I have itchy marks on my wrists, hands, legs, and chins, especially after i woke up. So I asked the Airbnb host to check for bugs and change the bed sheets. On top of that, I did telehealth. The doctor prescribed me a topical cream. I paid $15 for it, but it could be about $90 if I hadn’t had health insurance with Villanova. Can you believe that? 90 dollars for a tiny tube of cream? That’s literally murder. I am very glad that I got my health insurance with Villanova and not a cheap one. But this just proves that healthcare in America is an absolute hot mess…

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