[2022/06/28] dad’s balcony

Here are some highlights of my day:

  • First time taking the bus to work @ 1MW. Had to cross about 9 streets, but that wasn’t too bad at all
  • Had lunch with X, a manager based in the NY office, and meet the other East Coast Oracle intern, A. The place is Bluestone Lane Manhattan West Café (435 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001)
  • I tried to contact and arrange some coffee chats with other Villanova interns in EY for the competition, but they were all too busy. So, I ended up putting LT as my working buddy today haha
  • LT and I went to Wondee Siam (92 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019) for an early dinner. We sat next to a Thai lady, who spent every minute complimenting the food in this place. She said it’s really authentic – feels like home to her. I think we were partly influenced by her, yet we both agreed that the food was truly yummy and memorable. My fav is their Mango sticky rice – it’s the perfect coconut sauce, mango, and sticky rice. If you have never tried this dish, I would say that it’s not hard to make but it’s very hard to make it right!
  • I came back home and slept for 2.5 hours. I totally missed the gym today, but I really needed that power nap.
  • A question crossed my mind – do I want to do this tech consulting work for the rest of my life? I have to think about it more. At least I need till the end of this internship
  • Lastly, I want to show the world my dad’s new garden corner. I told him I wanted a nice balcony as my birthday present, so he has been working diligently to clean the balcony and replanted the flowers. His plan is to get a cute set of tables and chairs to hang out and drink tea. So far I love the lotus the most, but I think that the Bougainvillea (hoa giấy) are so bright and pretty too!

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