[2022/06/18] reached Manhattan’s most Southern part and ate Lady M crepe!

Yeap. This morning EB took me out for a nice lunch in Little Italy, then we walked around Wall street! I felt like a true tourist today and took a bunch of pictures. Tbh, EB is one of the people that I most look forward to meeting up with, because he has been following my professional journey since I was a sophomore and he has worked in all sorts of tech positions. He understands all my concerns, my struggle, and my preferences, and always give a lot of extrovert advice, which boosted my social skills a ton. Here are some pieces of advice that I want to keep after meeting him today

  • Befriend other interns and don’t be afraid to ask them about plans for the weekend and 4th of July
  • I should ask my working buddy about the general culture of my practice at EY
  • I should talk to more people who are doing DnA in EY to understand the type of work that they do
  • If you have to stand near the door on the subway, remember to switch sides when needed so you don’t block people’s way.
  • The case study sounds more like a privilege than a work task because it gives me opportunities to talk to people in the engagement and see the implementation process from a high-level perspective
  • Any restaurant in Little Italy is good because they are all very traditional and they have been here for years. I don’t remember exactly where we ate, but their meatball is the best I’ve ever eaten!

Random fact: Battery park itself and the surrounding area were named for the artillery batteries that were positioned to protect the settlement of New Amsterdam from any seaward attacks (google info)

@ around 4, EB and I parted ways and I met up with the gang again @ Dover Market (160 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016) before going to Lady M for some delicious crepe. Their matcha and signature flavors were truly the best. We had them with some tea from the coffee stall near Madison Square Park and ended up eating at a tiny little table in the park.

In the afternoon, we were binge-watching Bojack Horseman. Each eps is 25 mins and we finished like 6 of them. Then, we felt hungry again and decided on New Wonjo (23 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001). Some of the dishes in this restaurant are listed in Michelin Guide, so we gave them a shot, but I thought only the pancake and the rib+potato soup were exceptional! We then checked out HMart for some snacks and had some burnt cheesecake from Grace Street (17 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001). I was a little disappointed with the cheesecake, but I would give it another try next time by ordering their matcha items.

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