[2022/06/17] first crisis @ work, NYC trippy

XT expected N and I to write some comments/descriptions in the RAID log for today’s call (actually it’s the only scheduled meeting I had for today since Friday is more chill). I wasn’t sure how RAID worked, felt confused about my responsibility, and had a hard time taking any notes. After the call, XT said that she would look over it once we finished taking notes. Well… of course, that wasn’t fun because I barely understood anything on the closed items. That was when my crisis kicked in. I sent some panicking texts to MO, L, A, and my mentor EB. MO, again, came to the rescue and gave me a bunch of ideas to fill in the missing info; while A encouraged me to be a big sponge and never feel shy to ask questions because that’s part of the job! I took their advice and texted some more seniors. Fortunately, T, one of the seniors, was willing to hop on a call and help me with all my questions!! I finished taking notes for most of the closed items and consulted XT on the rest, but I think she was happy with my effort!

Dinner was the best ramen I have ever had @ IPPUDO (24 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036). I’m not even kidding – I so loved the handmade noodles and the pork! I also heard that they change their menus every season!

After dinner, we headed to Groove (125 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012) for some drinks and live music. The band played beautifully and the drinks were not that bad. I highly recommend their Groove Colada (maybe I’m biased because I like anything coconut). A, TL’s friend, is funny – he told the waiter that he would have the same drink for his second round, but the waiter thought he meant the whole table and walked away haha.

We ended the night with a fun drive on Brooklyn bridge! A’s old mercedes, windows down, roof off, loud music…

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