[2022/06/16] A stroll to the library, hotpot in NYC

I want to add this memory before I forget so I’m just gonna do that now. Last weekend, I suggested to my parents to see Em & Trinh. That was perfect timing because they were actually thinking about the same thing. So I sent them money for the movie tickets, plus drinks and popcorn (but I don’t think they got any). It wasn’t much, but it made my day because my parents haven’t seen a movie together in a theater for forever. After the session, my dad also send me a little film review. I will not get into the whole debate whether this is a good movie or not, but I’m just so glad that my parents had a great experience!

Back to my life, here are the list of my highlights today:

  • Morning stand-up call with the team sounded more understandable today.
  • Chipotle is delicious, esp their new chicken flavor – I had that for lunch yesterday and today
  • After work, I went on a walk to Hoboken library with MO so he could find some travel books. I’m pretty sure that is the last thing I’m gonna do if I need travel guides, so it’s nice to have someone familiar with the place to show me around!
  • Dinner @ Hometown Hotpot & BBQ (194 Grand St, New York, NY 10013) with Vu, Tuan, chi Phuong, and Ali. We had hotpots. I like their desserts and their triangle fishcakes. Also cannot forget the bizarre distinction between oil and sugar water.
  • After dinner is high as hell and I didn’t get back till 1AM
  • Lesson learned: Buses stop running @10 PM. Any trips after that ig are just all Ubers!

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