[2022/06/14] a work cruise

EY organized a boat cruise for us, interns, in Chelsea Piers. At first, I thought that the cruise would stand till while we party on there, but it actually left an hour after we board. They carded us to make sure that we are @ legal drinking age, and that we can order drinks from the bar. What did I get? Just 2 glasses of Malibu and pineapple just – a great yet simple decision! I talked to several people on the cruise and saw the Statue of Liberty up close (enough) for the first time ever.

Then I Ubered home because I was so tired. I fell asleep so many times in the Uber, but I had to try my best to stay awake in case they kidnapped me. I was fine though. When I finally got back, I slept like a pig; I didn’t wake up until 11pm, just to brush my teeth and shower. I mean… I did talk to KF for a little. Sad that he was so far away though.

Work conversation – I feel better today, because I finally understand the content of the meetings. How? Because A, a staff on the team… oh wait pause she went to Drexel for undergrad and she was so sweet and supportive of me just because were both in the Philly area hehe. Anyway, she explained to N, the other intern, and I, a ton of terms and a high-level picture of the engagement. It felt wonderful sitting in those meeting afterwards, as if I able to kick the obstacle that block one end of the tunnel; or feel like eating doraemon’s language bread and can understand any languages in the world.

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