[2022/06/13] first time ever @ EY Hoboken office

The office was very motivating imo. I love how we have 2 monitors for every desk. Even better, the jack for those monitors is USB, not HDMI. I have been working with tech support for a year and I never thought that is possible. I want to take more pictures. I will, later this week.

OK but the most heartwarming event that happened today was MO. He is a senior in EY and is also in the Oracle with me. We met and chatted briefly during happy hours last week, but I didn’t get to know him as much until today and he helped me get the smoothest onboarding experience ever. Basically, he texted me at 8 am in the morning and offered to help in case I could not get in, since I didn’t have a badge yet. But, all I had to do was simply picking up my intern badge at the reception desk. Then I headed to the 6th floor @ the cafe booth, where the view was most gorgeous and we could chat more freely than in other spaces. The first topic of discussion was actually marathons and running. After that, everything just flowed naturally. MO then helped me a ton in setting up the wifi, reserving a working station, and identifying sitting vs standing desks. At lunch, we treated me to a Korean place nearby. It was nothing special – just a casual place for a work meal.

Work-wise, I realized that I have a ton to do. Like it wasn’t just an engagement – it was a true fast-paced one where everyone knew exactly what they are working on and the whole team just works like a real machine. I was sitting in a few meetings and my brain cells were twisting – I mean just imagine a twisted pretzel.

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