[2022/06/12] rainy day in the heights

The Heights looks so sad and gloomy today 😦 So when I woke up, I just wanted to spend my entire day accomplishing 2 goals: try the bakery that I have passed by a thousand times and work out.

The bakery place is called Dulce de Leche (376 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ). It was super crowded – I had to wait in line for a few minutes. When it was my turn, I ordered a croissant, a cream “donut”, and a Danish pastry along with a juice called Morning Sunrise. The total order was under 10 bucks – I thought that is quite a good deal. The juice just looks weird because it was separed into 2 layers, but it was one of the best mixes I have ever had.

In the afternoon, I worked out for a good 2 hours – just cardio and abs. Did I ever tell you that I feel the most confidence when I work out? That was exactly how I felt after my session today. I also read this cute graphic on hacking happy hormones; turns out exercise does generate serotonin, which puts you in good moods 🙂

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