[2022/06/11] Nasi Lemak, Roosevelt island, KF visited

In the morning, I had brunch with the Sg girls @ Kopi Tiam (151 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002). I had Nasi Lemak with Teh Tarik (tea with condensed milk), while the girls got kaya toast, half-boiled egg, and kopi C (coffee with milk and sugar). Super delicious and authentic (except for the price though – but still cheaper than most things in NY)!!

Afternoon, Binti, Kritika, and I went to Roosevelt Island. On our way, we stopped by The Chai Spot. I was fooled by how casual it looked outside because there is a whole seating area that is fully decorated with colorful hand-crafted fabrics when we walked further inside.

Roosevelt island itself was just bland – basically just like that island in Shutter Island, partly because the weather was crappy and partly because the island is boring and spans 2-mile long. The only interesting place was the southern part, where there was a staircase that’s painted with an LGBTQ+ flag (yay for pride month!) and ruins of a polio hospital.

After that, I met KF and GZS in Chinatown, NY for dinner @Kong Sihk Tong (65 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013). Tbh I wasn’t a huge fan because the rice in roasted pork and tofu dish was undercooked and the lemon Ribena was too sour. I thought the lava egg toast and (the oat milk?) were a lot better, which KF ordered. But it’s ok; this remains his favorite place still and he is technically my guest as he came visit me.

When I saw KF, I felt strange and loved at the same time because he appeared and hung out with me for a couple of hours then had to disappear again. he said that’s he a ghost that doesn’t ghost me 🙂 I guess that’s how every hang-out and meeting goes, but I’m just never quite used to the fact that we’re 2.5 hours away from each other and a once-in-a-while 3 hour visit is the best we could afford; or maybe just because we were in so many fights last week. Anyway, I’m not too concerned about that now, all I know is I think this could still work because we still have feelings for each other and even though we’re very independent, we still think about one another every hour and every day (we’re just very bad at communicating all these sweet stuff tho).

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