[2022/06/10] First happy hours ever and hidden gems in Hoboken

After my last training of the internship, I jumped on an Uber to get to Texas Arizona (76 River St, Hoboken, NJ 07030), where the Oracle circle planned to have happy hours. I have to be honest that I took a whole hour to decide what to wear – like I can’t be too casual or too dressy because I didn’t come from an office and I only joined for happy hours. So I actually went with a burgundy dress shirt with jeans and white sneakers. My hair was half-tied.

Although some people have worked or are working together on some engagements, this is the first time that this EY circle gets together in person, so it’s somewhat of an introduction event, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable! The people come from everywhere – Williamsburg, Schenectady, Hoboken, Downtown New York, Long Beach NJ and all have very unique hobbies and lifestyles. For example, HJ likes to try out restaurants that require a reservation at least a month in advance, plat shopping, or surfing; MO just joined a running club in Hoboken and recently did a 5K; SG lives in a New York town where he could go to the city in 1 direction and enjoy nature in the other direction; or MG is from PA and is living in the area around Long Beach, NJ… I had a really great time and I’m very excited to work with and learn from them!

After that, I hung out in Hoboken while waiting for HT and DN to head over. I went to the pier and did people-watching. There were interesting couples with mixed dynamics, lots of dogs, and a good amount of runners. Dinner was @ Otto Strada (743 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030) – a classic Italian spot around here. We dined out on the patio and had the most amazing tiramisu ever (instead of coffee, they used Amaretto, which is an almond liquor).

I will not list the hidden gem in Hoboken here though because they should remain hidden, but these are spots that have wonderful views and can serve as a great place for certain activities.

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