[2022/06/05] test trip to EY office

I made friends with J, my housemate, and asked her if she wanted to accompany me on the test trip to EY office with me. Fortunately, she said yes; like very very because she is good with directions and she knew how to navigate around the city. When we arrived, we walked along the Waterfront walkway and saw the New York skyline. J kept saying that it’s more peaceful and smells nicer than New York (or at least no pee smell, which I bet is true because midtown Manhattan was kinda eh in my experience. Interestingly, I also noticed that athleisure is the most common style here; everyone seemed like they were running errands, doing exercise, or meeting up with friends for a healthy brunch after their workout.

Here are some mental notes for my today:

  • NJ public transportation system sucks. NJT only acts as a purchasing agency for many private operators in the state. That means you either have to purchase specific tickets by routes and zones using the phone app or do cash all the time. I eventually figured out how to calculate my tickets and buy tickets online, but it was so time-consuming and annoying omg
  • The light rail can cause a huge delay if they are under maintenance. NJT does have shuttles running in substitute, but they don’t seem to align with the actual rail schedule at all.
  • Tofu pudding = tào phớ (tried that in Meet Fresh)
  • I should never try to click the lock if I’m unsure how the lock actually works (or else someone would have to break the lock heh)
  • I should start doing more pull-ups when I work out to strengthen my upper body and my core
  • Having an instant pot is a blessing
  • You can take passport photos in CVS and Walgreen. However, they only have 2×2 in Walgreen, while in CVS they would let you pick from various size formats. In addition, many CSVs and Walgreens are understaffed so they are unable to provide any photo services.
  • Chicken & Waffle in Tosti (1024 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030) is absolutely bomb (but maybe don’t get their Country Breakfast or Yellow smoothie; that’s what J had and she didn’t like it)

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