[2022/06/01] pepper spray and the art of washing dishes

Yesterday KF texted me and be like I had 4 presents for you. 1 is the grape gummy bears (which we bought in Taste NY), 2 is the baby wipes (which I own), 3 is a laptop from EY, and 4 is a pepper spray. Odd one out – the pepper spray was the real gift from him to me so I can protect myself when I roam around the streets of NY and Hoboken. I am planning to spray some Oleoresin capsicum on my food to add a little spice. Jk – let’s hope that I don’t have to use it at all.

Then, I went to HT and DN’s house for dinner. I had the best steak ever – it’s all HT’s recipe. DN said that he spent hours watching Youtube on how to cook the perfect steak. Again, absolutely delicious steak. And you would be surprised that it tastes even better when dipped into roasted sesame sauce. After dinner, I volunteered to wash the dishes and I got a lesson on how to properly do it and efficiently arrange everything on the drying rack (again, from HT). Wow. ig life = never stop learning!

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